Tracy C.

I recently went to Randa with a frozen shoulder. The results were phenomenal - the pain was immediately under control. Since I experienced this condition before and it lasted almost 4 years, I'm familiar with the phases. When this condition struck again, I visited her 2 weeks into the "frozen" stage, and in that single massage my shoulder began to "thaw" (in my previous experience it took 10 months in physical therapy to get to that point). By her third massage, I had full 180-degree movement with my arm to the front and to the side. Now there's no pain and we're just working on the finer movements associated with rotation.

Jonathan H.

I went to visit Randa because I was experiencing sciatic nerve pain down my right leg. Randa was able to pinpoint and work on a few areas that dramatically improved my flexibility and ultimately relieved my leg pain. She is personable, knowledgeable and an excellent therapist.

Sarah K.

I would like to give 10 ✨. I never had such a wonderful , professional and knowledgeable massage therapist like Randa. I had problems for over 6 months with my gluteal muscle and back leg ( I thought it was the hip/ or back) and she really worked it through. Feeling so much better. She took time to explain everything to me and also showed me exercises to help me with that pain and rehabilitation. The environment was also very welcoming, quiet room, essential oils and for me in winter time important a nice warm room. Thank you so much, I ll be back and highly recommend Randa.


Shannon P.

Randa truly is a healer committed to finding a custom plan that will work for your body! I love how she explained how to do specific stretches that also added to my bodies healing. I have auto immune issues and carry my stress in my muscles so massage really helps keep my condition under control. She is very professional and an extremely kind human being. I’m looking forward to more massages from Austin Muscular Therapy : )

Daisa H.

Randa made me feel 100% better after my first appointment. I had some lower nagging back pain and she was able to get rid of it completely. I will definitely be back to see her more often!!

Adele W.

Randa gave me a 90 minute deep,tissue massage that was both thorough and therapeutic. She hit all the spots that needed work including some I didn’t even know about. Her appointment scheduling system and follow up are very efficient. It was one of the first times that I have had a 90 minute massage that was actually 90 minutes and not cut short by “undressing and dressing” time. I would highly recommend her.

Lavanya K.

I had gone to Randa last year with bad neck pain. It was magic after the first session itself, she taught me some exercises to help with the neck and shoulder pain. I regularly visit for relaxation massages.
I highly recommend her!

Chelsea C.

I was in a car accident and I went to Randa to for help with my neck, shoulders, and back. She explained everything to me about how the body responds to this type of trauma. I got an orthopedic massage and it was nothing short of amazing. It was the “hurts so good” type of massage and was 100% needed. She was so precise on finding the spots on my body that were hurting me and expertly worked them out. I’ll definitely be back to see her for more treatments! She knows her stuff and tailors her massage to your specific needs. I highly recommend Randa at Austin Muscular Therapy to any and everyone!!

Lisa K.

I’ve been experiencing sciatic like leg pain for several weeks to the point it hurt to drive for even a few minutes and was preventing me from wanting to work out. Randa identified the trigger points right away and, three days later, I’m still driving without discomfort. If it comes back, I’ll immediately go see Randa again... and for any other issues that may come up.

Ziyad S.

Randa is an authentic Orthopedic massage therapist , she not only helped me with my issues but she guided me on how to maintain the results and how to keep a healthy posture , if your looking for a professional Orthopedic massage that will help your issues and eventually your life , randa is the one to go to , I went for a specific issue in my hip and lower back and we made so much progress that lots of MD's and Chiro's failed to achieve , just be open about your injuries and how your life style is and randa will know what to do .

Sarah L.

Randa is amazing! I’ve seen her many times, both for workout related injuries as well as general muscle tightness from life. It’s so much more than just a basic massage. Her understanding of how the body all works together really helps her to be able to relieve pressure/pain from specific areas. I always feel so much better after, and haven’t booked anyone else since my first appointment with her 3 years ago. She’s the best, by far!

Lisa C.

Randa helps me SLOW DOWN and recognize what is important. Her therapy is gentle but strong, extremely effective and never rushed. She knows how to hit the pain points while paying attention to the details. As an on the go professional (housing industry) the caring she provides helps me further my fitness/health as well as personal goals. THANK YOU BUNCHES RANDA!

Terry C.

Randa does great work. Has helped my sciatic and back pain!!


Sherrie H.

Randa is very professional in everything she does. She listens carefully to her clients needs and then applies the kind of massage therapy needed. She continually demonstrates her concern for her clients not only with massage but with other life benefit recommendations.

Annie F.

When I have had injuries from pulled muscles, from stress or exercise , I see Randa. She is a miracle worker and after a 60 minute session my pain is so much better if not gone completely. She really knows her craft. Highly recommend her!!